Never Released “…Trail Of Dead” Interview

English entry only, this time 🙂

Some time ago I was not a musician (I’ve always been a musician since I’ve been born but some times where more passive some more active) and I was on the other side of the stage, in front and backstage as well to talk to musicians about their music…

Sometimes… I can be very lazy… If I don’t end a thing immediately it will probably lay there for years… Like this interview here, I’ve made in 2008 (!). These days I wrote sporadously for a music e-zine and I wrote Trail Of Dead a request for an interview with Jason and Conrad… I was so nervous when I got a positive respond!!!

I was making interviews since 2005 where I had the first one with one of my favourite german bands, The Donots 🙂

I only found the part where I interviewed Conrad, actually I typed down this part!!! The audio files are still rewarded 😀 So read, what I wrote down, what Conrad told me in may 2008

How are you, Conrad?

Conrad: Good, well rested. We had a day off yesterday, so could to go up hill and see a little bit of the whole town.

Well we saw in front of your bus at this wall a grafitty… (It said TEXAS in capital letters)

Conrad: I noticed that over there… We didn’t do that… well, wasn’t us.

How do you call or describe your music?

Conrad: Rock’n’Roll.

Rock’n’Roll… Just That?

Conrad: well sometimes I think it is fantasy music, but I think fundamentally it’s Rock’n’Roll.

You like The Who (Conrad is wearing a The Who t-Shirt)

Conrad: Yes, definately. (missing audio parts)

Do you also like the opera?


And do you think Trail Of Dead could also do something like that?

Conrad: I don’t know. I don’t think that we are like in the way of telling stories the way a opera is. I don’t know that we write a narrative and say this is a character. And I think opera is very, even rock-opera, like Jesus Christ Superstar, Thommy by The Who, Pink Floyd The Wall, is really about telling a story, but I think we are more just about the songs and making albums that have a theme but not neccessarily a story.

So what do you think what theme does your next record is about?

Conrad: We usually have a number of themes, I think one of the themes on this record is the idea of… I have to pick one now.. well one is family. This is a theme we haven’t done much within the past, but on the new record there’s a couple of songs which are really about kind of like: how is getting older? You know, you don’t neccessarily grow away from your family, you CAN grow away from your family, but as you get older, you realize what effect your family has and how much influenece you have on your family, even the ones that you’ve never been around or grown up around, when you do meet them, you realize „Oh wow, we have a lot alike.“

How big is your family?

Conrad: Well it’s very spread apart. My mom’s side is in Ireland and my dad’s side is in Thailand, so I don’t get to see them, and I think that’s one of the things, why I’m writing the songs about this theme, like growing up not around, but still walking in my mind…

How was the gig in Dublin for you?

Conrad: Yeah, it was fun. I have some relatives that live there, but I’ve never met them. My mom visited them a couple of years ago, but I’ve never been introduced to them. I’ll be curious to meet them. It’s always special to play in Dublin, and this time I got to see the more historic things like the Book Of Kells, we drove up to the mountains and got to see some of the scenery the countryside not just the city. So that was nice.

What would life be like, if you didn’t make music?

Conrad: May probably easier. Music is hard… Very emotional, you know. Art can be very fullfilling and I could do that probably instead of music, but it’s not as emotional as music is. You know, music can be very painful. Hurts the fingers, hurts the soul, but I think that’s also the reason I do music. Well why do you eat spicy food? It’s better to be a mood of something you know.

Do you have some favourite quotes of your lyrics?

Conrad: Oh no… Of my own lyrics? No… not really… I like the one when I say „We are all capable so capable of the greatest acts of hate and the worst acts of love.“ (The Rest Will Follow)… I don’t know, something about that.

Do you have a favourite Soundtrack Song?

Conrad: There are so many. I try to pick one…. A Soundtrack Song… I really like the „Laverne & Shirly“ Song… (sings)We’re gonna do it!Give us any chance, we’ll take it.We’re gonna make our dreams come true.There is nothing we won’t try… (I don’t know, if Conrad’s kidding me…) Well, look it up. And the „Sesame Street“ Soundtrack

How do you write your songs? Your lyrics?

Conrad: Being sad is a good way to write… Oh you want to write some lyrics happy? Well I can tell you a couple of tricks: One, I would take a nap, just take a nap during the middle of the day, or at night and have a lyric book there when you’re sleeping and then when you’re in that dream-state and your thinking about the song, that’s when you come up with the lyrics. Also when your writing lyrics, think about the vow. So when you sing your songs… (Sings again an example) So when you got the „a“ or the „e“sounds, you gonna build the words around that. So I have never the sound of the lyrics before it works, like a song that we wrote „How Near How Far“ and I spent a long time writing that song, like a couple of years writing that song. But I always new, that I wanted to go to that „i“ sound… so just always work with the vow, and I didn’t fight it, even though I could have said something different, like „I want the song to be about this…“, through that idea away. Always go what the song wants… Because songs well write themselves, they always do naturally. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes it hurts, but they just write themselves.

So we are at the end of the interview, so I just ask you, what you have to tell the world right now.

Conrad: Uuh, no… Have no idea…

And I can tell, that Conrad seriously inspired my writing, thanks for the advises you gave my friend Dani those days, when she was about to write some songs 🙂


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