Day 1: Go West

(The Pet Shop Boys)

28th of February

Gettin up early like on a school day. K. made breakfast, but wasn’t hungry at all. But at least I was.

Went to the airport together and said goodbye for 5 weeks. I was strolling through the duty free area and found a beautiful and also functional (btw.  there is no such thing as functional clothing) coat by “Derbe.” Soft shell in turquoise and beautiful! Love it!

Sitting at the Amsterdam Airport now and waiting to board. Think I will use the flight time for reading & watching and maybe sleeping.

I go to the restless city
I need to sleep
but won’t find it in these insomniac streets
that behave like working bees
illuminated by pollution of light
sounded by cars & horses

Have to change my diaries’ layout now for I am afraid the pages in there won’t last!

After standing in line for the “Esta Firsttime” for like 1,5 hours, my friend M. picked me up at JFK and we made our way on the Q train to Marcey Avenue to my hostel.

We went for food in Brooklyn kind of close by to the “Samurai Papa”, a Japanese place with awesome Ramen!
We shared edamame as starter and I had the vegan Ramen, which was soooo tasty!

I was nearly dying for I was awake for so many hours, could hardly sleep on the plane, but falling asleep in the hostel was also very hard for me! Fell asleep around 4 am my old time, it was eleven in NYC 😀

The hostel is strange, I feel like a chicken in a cage… It’s a 2- bedroom, stock bed, BUT there is no ceiling, so every bedroom on the floor is kinda connected! Seriously?! And it’s so hot in there so I wake up every hour to drink a big sip of water!

Well, goodnight.

2015-02-28 11.32.03




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