Day 2. Reggea Night

1st of March, 2015

Yesterday was “a bit” snowy…DSC_8783

No, it was really, really snowy, hadn’t seen as much snow this winter at home. Or in years. Started walking through Williamsburg, my hood, to find a gazillion of great and new street art! Yeah, that’s why I came for (True story).

Went for breakfast at “Sweethaus”, a new (?) cupcake and sweets shop, (It’s located at 133 Metropolitain Ave., Brooklyn). Had a regular coffee (never again, it’s just brown water), a salted caramel cupcake (definitely do this again!) and a nice and warm focaccia. Yummy!


Went to Union Square to walk a bit around, Washington Square Park as well to find myself in the end at the MET. (Actually my plan was to sit all day at that great bookstore, which WAS actually at the corner right next to Washington Square but it appeared to be closed… Permanently. Bullocks.)


I loved the MET and still do. But why is it always happening to me, that the fashion institute is closed when I visit? Grrr. No clue.

So I met Mai at 17.30 and we went down 5th Ave by bus which takes quite some time but it is beautiful on the other hand. Still snowing like hell. Lucky, I brought the right shoes. We went to a Thai Place called Rohm Thai at 27E, 20th St, where I had “dunken noodles”, very very good and stuffing!

After that we went to a cinema nearby to see “Into the Woods” (watch out, there’s a pattern here!) which was pure fun!

Why I called this entry “Reggae Night”?

Actually just beacsue I heard the song when I was at Sweethaus… And when we walked into Rohm Tai there was it again! I felt so strange, thought my ears gone wild and playing tricks with me, but no. Mai could hear it, too ūüėÄ

Strange things that happen…



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