A Spring’s Tale

Dies ist mein erstes Märchen, das ich je geschrieben habe. Obgleich ich ein anderes began, habe ich mich heute, 19.12.2013, spontan drangesetzt und getippt und getippt und das kam heraus. Es ist leider auf Englisch, aber ich hoffe, ihr versteh es trotzdem. Dies ist mein Weihnachtsgeschenk an euch!

Frohe Festtage, ob Chanukkha, Weihnachten oder einfach nur Wintersonnenwende!

This is my first fairytale, I have ever written! Although I already began with another one, this one had to come out typing and typing and finishing this very evening, 19th of decembre 2013. It is in english, so you will understand. This is my christmas gift to you!

Happy Holidays, if it it Chanukkha, christmas, or just midwinter!

Mary Jane Insane

A Spring’s Tale

Dear Readers and Listeners,

Once upon a time there was the land of the neverending sun. People didn’t know, or much more, they forgot, how night felt. They forgot, how a cool wind feels like, they couldn’t remember spring, autumn or winter at all. You may say, this was a happy land, for it never rained there, just like in California. But there is one thing called summer depression. It can be even worse than a normal depression.

So the people tried to figure out, what was wrong with them. And therefore they sent their problem minister out into the world to find out, what was wrong.

She was sent to the sources of all goodness, for there was light only, so was goodness. She asked the goodness „The people in our land suffer. The are feeling depressed of all the heat and the summer. But, I dont understand why.“

„ Well, I have no answer to that, there was always light, there will always be light, now there is light. There is nothing you can do about it.“

So she went out into the wide world to ask another one. She went on and on, her feet began to pain but still, there was no answer told.

On her way she passed an old farm, there she saw old animals. She asked them, how they are, and how they felt „Hello you cute animals! How do you do?“

„ We are exhausted! We can’t do the labour we are told to do, we are suffering from our ages, but there ain’t no young animals, who could do our jobs. Unfortunately!“

„ But why aren’t there young animals?“ The Problem minister asked.

„ Because there is no spring, don’t you know?“

„ Spring? What is that?“

„ Oh, I can’t find the right words to explain. Go, search for the wolf. She will know what to tell you!“

„ Thank you very much fair ladies and sirs!“

And so she went off out into the wide world to find the wolf.

She was exhausted, the sun was shining without mercy, she was almost having a blackout. She looked into the sky, as if she was waiting for something to appear, but there was nothing but a clear blue sky. Suddenly she heard feet. Cautious feet. A quiet snooping and panting. She wanted to run but there was no escape, when she turned around it stood right in front of her. Big, monstrous, dangerous, mysterious.

The Wolf.

„ Are you the wolf?“

„ Of course, what do I look like? A cat Maybe? Meow!“

„ Haha, very funny“, she said with an ironical tone.

„ What do you want, girl? I smelled, you were looking for me.“

„ That is true, indeed.“ She hesitated. Could she trust the wolf?

„ What is your name?“ She asked the wolf first.
„ Isegrim. And yours?“

„ Wilhelmine. But you can call me Willie.“

„ Nice to meet you, Willie!“

„ Nice to meet you too! So, I was sent out, to find out, why our people are deeply depressed! It is so sunny, and beautiful and warm all the time, I enjoy it very much! There ain’t no reason to feel depressed! We have no clue, why almost 50% are! Do you have an answer to that?“

„ Oh my dear, it is so easy. Just look closer! The Answer is right in front of you, but you don’t recognize I fear.“

„ So, what is it?“

„ Something’s missing. You have it in your heart! You know, there is a hole inside all of you, nothing can replace this missing piece. Many, many years ago there was a time, where there was change. The temperatures changed, the weather changed. But one time, the climate changed, and it stagnated. It didn’t change at all again. You may not remember what the word „season“ means, do you?“

„ No, sorry, never heard of it!“

„ I feared so. So, there were four seasons in one year. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Everything had it’s reasons, that’s why they were called seasons. Because it rhymes. In the spring you can sow seeds, to get fruits, vegetables and crop. In summer you can eat from that, in autumn you prepare yourself and your land for the winter. For winter will be cold, cold as ice, with snow, so white and pure. Everyone rests and find their peace. They return home. Especially on the winter holidays.“ Explained the wolf.

„ I am sorry, it sounds so nice. But Isegrim, I barely understand a word from what you say.“

„ I know. But see, you people miss the seasons, deep inside. We animals miss them too! We need them to survive. Otherwise, we will die slowly. We already do. I am the last of my kind. I have no heirs, nothing to hunt, I fear, it’s over with me. Unless…“

„ Unless, what?“

„Unless, Willie, somebody saves us! All!“

„ Who can do that?“
„ I would love to say, you can, but you can’t. A legend was once told to me, that a very young girl, in the age of 9 would come into the woods, to bring her grandmother wine and cake. Her mother told her, never to stray! Follow your path, come what may! So, I knew, it was the girl. She wore this beautiful red cap, and when I tried to tell her, what her big challenge would be like, she ran away straight to her grandmother and told her about me. They called a huntersman for me to kill me. I had no other choice but run as fats as I can down into the deep woods. I couldn’t assure her, I am no harm!“

„ Can you show me the girl? Can you bring me to her?“ Willie asked excitedly.

„ I will. Sit down at my tail, I will fly as fast as the wind.“

„What is the wind?“

„ Oh, soon you will know!“

And so Willie and Isegrim went down into the woods to find redcap. You probably heard of her. She was a good girl, listened to her mother, and not to stray off her way. But in this she kinda killed the prophecy. But maybe, there is hope.

To a clearance they came, Willie jumped off the tail and saw a beautiful little frame house, made of wood. She knocked on the door, for she anticipated who was inside, waiting for destiny to arrive.

Knock knock knock


knock knock knoch


knock knock knock


The door opened slowly and carefully and when Willie and the Wolf expected to see a grown up or even old woman standing in the doorway, a little girl of the same age Isegrim told about stood there in her little dress, with a redcap on.

„ Hello? Do I know you? Oh no the Wolf!“ Slam, the door was shut.

Knock knock knock

„It’s okay, Isegrim, ahm, the wolf, won’t harm you. He is a friend of mine! You can trust me! We need your help!“

„ My mother said never stray, follow your way, and don’t open the door to strangers! Especially to wolfes, huntsman and witches!“

„ I am not a witch“, Willie said.

„ That’s what all witches say. Have you heard of snowwhite?“

„ Who?“

„ Well, she has been killed, or more poisened by an evil witch. This witch also said, she ain’t no witch. So how can I tell you are telling the truth!?“

„ You are right. I am sorry, redcap. But are you the girl, running into the woods for your grandmother to bring wine and cake? Maybe we have the wrong girl anyhow. We thought to find a grown up woman“

„ Oh, it is tradition in our family to take care of this house, it is very important for nature and peace. My grandmother passed away some weeks ago, now I am waiting for mother to move in here! I will be living at my dad’s and wait for my turn to come. It’s like that for centuries now. But, the house is very old, rusty and broken now. We have to fix it, but have no money for that. You know.“, redcap says very sadly.

„ Maybe we can help you, but you have to let us come in and see, what has to be done!“, Willie said. „You can trust us, I promise.“

„ Okay. But I warn you, somewhere in this house is a spell, that will kill anybody who harms me, and I wont tell, where this spell is hidden.“

„ Fair enough, just let us in.“ Isegrim says.

And so they entered the house. It was very dusty, rubbish lay everywhere. It was a microcosm of chaos and dirt. How can anyone live like that?

Willie wrote down everything she noticed what was wrong with the house. When she finished her list, she tied it to Isegrim and told her to run to her town to send for people to help fixing the house. Maybe afterwards the girl will help to fullfill the prophecy.

Meanwhile redcap made some tea for Willie and gave her a cup of it.

„Thank you! What is this?“

„ Oh tea, from flowers and herbs from the wood.“

„ It is very delicious! I’ve never drank something delicious like that before!“

Willie didn’t want to wait any longer for Isegrim to return so she began to clean up the house, she brought a big bucket of clean water, and an old broom and scrubbed all afternoon long.
When she made dinner break with redcap- redcap cooked a fanatstic dinner for both- she didn’t realize, they had to light up some candles, for it became dark. „Maybe it’s just the darkness in the woods“, she thought by herself.

„Arent you afraid, redcap?“, Willie asked her.

„ No, why should I be afraid? I hold on to the rules of mother, and nothing can harm me. I am a good girl, bringing me in no danger. Unlike my great great grandmother. She strayed and has almost been killed by a wolf!“

„ Oh I am sorry, I didn’t know that.“

And so redcap told the story of her great great grandmother.

They went to sleep after washing up the dishes and out of a sudden Willie woke up! She saw a very strange light, she had never seen before.

In her nightdress she went out of bed, took a pan to arm herself, went outside and in the clearance she stood and saw a pink something at the sky. What had happened to the sun???

„Where is the sun?“ Willie asked scared. She feared, the sun has turned her back on Willie and never returns again. She broke down and began to cry. Suddenly redcap stood beside her and embraced her.

„I’Ve never seen it before, but I saw it in the books of my ancestors. I heard bards singing about that on records! It’s the moon!“

Willie couldn’t stop crying, she went back to bed and weeped herself to sleep.

In the morning the people of her town arrived and began to fix the house. Noone has ever worked so qickly, during a few hours the house was repaired and restored and shiny and almost new. Willie still felt unfomfortable of the thing she saw this night. She was feeling very cold and scared. Isegrim noticed her feelings and told her not to be scared.
„I can smell it, you are scared, You don’t need to be. That’s the thing we needed to do! You will see, let’s go home!“

They said goodbye to redcap, luckily in the moment of parting her mother arrived. It was a beautiful woman, with long colourful hair, blonde, red, brown and black, noone has ever seen a hair like that before. So looked her eyes, blue, green and brown.

„ Thank you, for taking care of our beautiful house. Now we can live here happily ever after I guess! We have to take care better now! That this won’t happen again! Goodbye, strangers! Goodbye, wolf!“ She smiled at the wolf.

Isegrim gazed at her instensly and recognized her, smiled and off they went, back into the world.

While Isegrim ran with Willie on her tail, Willie noticed the landscape changing. The leafes were falling, the trees looked dead.

„The trees are dying!“

„ Look closer!“ Isegrim said running.

Isegrim ran and ran and there was something falling from the sky, white, cold things that tickeled on Willies nose!

„ We are bombed by the powers in the sky!“

„ Look closer“ Isegrim said.

When they went further the trees begin to spring, there were blossoms all around them and Willie had to sneeze.

„Look closer!“ Isegrim said without waiting for Willie to shout out loud.

When they arrived at Willies town, the trees were in bloom and having fruits. She never saw that in her whole lifetime.

„ What are those?“

„ Eat!“

And all the people began to eat the fruits and out of a sudden the sadness dissappeared and wisdom arrived.

Isegrim was happy to see that all was going to end well, and so it was. Willie solved the problems as it was her task in town and she was happy to have met the little girl in the woods and especially Isegrim, the friendly helpful intellegent wolf.


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